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We provide social media marketing services with Facebook as our platform of expertise. A well-devised plan involving many different skills and aspects of digital marketing is vital to make an impactful difference to the success of your business, which is exactly Umbrella’s objectives.

About Us

At the height of the digital age, it is no secret that digital marketing holds the upper hand at capturing targeted markets against traditional marketing strategies.

We are a team of dedicated marketing enthusiasts that believes in the present and future of e-marketing. We provide a one-stop digital marketing service to solve your online business troubles.


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Digital Strategy

To help ensure our ship with clients sail successfully, we begin by getting familiar with your business and developing a situational analysis that will help us define a marketing strategy for you. See below for the steps necessary for strategy planning.

Advertisement Planning

There are many ingredients and that has to go into the pot to gruel a potion that works. We include copywriting, visual planning, keyword research and other more technical work that goes into digital marketing such as audience targeting settings and keyword analysis as part of our careful planning to achieve results.

Keyword Research

The utilisation of keywords is the make or break of most, if not all, social media marketing advertisements. With the right keywords, businesses will be able to reach the right audience on a large scale and maximise the usage of advertising fees.

Visual Design

Successfully made visuals are ones that draw attention and are naturally engaging. They help provide boosts to brand awareness and engagement and they also deliver messages more efficiently than words. In journeying through successful engagement, we produce visuals based on client objectives and what we think audiences would like to see.

Content Writing

Good copywriting is essential in driving profitability through convincing targeted audiences that your product/service is able to offer them value. Our copywriters create value-driven content by leaving audiences with a good first impression using the right tone in their writing to encourage engagement and drive traffic to businesses.

Staying on Trend

“Out with the old and in with the new,”. As with many things, especially technologically speaking, updates that impact how we strategize happens more often than you think. Here at Umbrella, we strive to stay on top of our game by making sure that we ride the tide on new digital trends and adapt to new digital marketing strategies to help maximise reach and results.


Umbrella Consultant - Portfolio

RM0.12 | 1143 leads

Umbrella Consultancy takes pride in collaborating with brands to transform their online marketing strategy by putting forward creative solutions and designing first-class experiences for our clients. We are able to reach 1143 people with only RM0.12 per person.

RM3.40 | 97 messages

We individualise each campaign with bulletproof strategies for measurable results and lead generation.

Umbrella Consultant - Portfolio
Umbrella Consultant - Portfolio

RM3.08/ conversation

Umbrella Consultancy will help you reach your right audience. With our superb targeting, you can create meaningful relationships with your customers.

" Good content writing and graphic design services. Very successful in growing my business online. Looking forward to long term cooperation. "
Online Optical Shop - Singapore & Malaysia
" Thank you for the excellent marketing strategy. I didn't expect 70% grow for my business online. Your team has done a great job! "
Alexia Technology
Alexia Technology
Website Design & Development - International

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